Garden Secrets and Your Website

websites are like gardens graphic The idea behind garden secrets and your website is that both require a strategy of investing in the project so that it grows and bears fruit.

Too often site owners feel their website is a one time “launch and forget it” investment that will somehow attract new customers forever without any further work.

A successful garden is hard work. That’s true for websites, as well.

Each must start with a quality foundation to grow.

Each will fail if launched and then neglected.

Each requires investing time, energy, and money.

Our proven strategy for website success works for us and those clients who follow our advice.

The Secret: Go mobile. Add content. Get social.

Go Mobile: Mobile browsing will surpass desktop access by 2015. Website owners need to give users a mobile friendly experience.

Add Content: Fresh quality content provides a positive user experience and a reason for visitors to return or refer others.

Get Social: Get on Facebook and other social sites to inform and interact with customers to enhance traffic from search engines.

The common theme in each aspect of this strategy is a customer-centric approach.

Beware of poor mobile design. Give quality info and advice. Social means informal and friendly.

Search engine reputation depends on relevant results. A people first approach will enhance your website ranking. Better ranking can mean more traffic and business.

A strategy of go mobile, add content, and get social will get noticed and be rewarded by search engines.

Comparing your website to a garden, how does your garden grow?