Mobile Web Design Price Quote Calculator

The mobile web design price quote calculator provides an approximate cost estimate for a new or upgraded custom mobile web design. Compare our pricing to a competitor who does the same quality and service to confirm our low overhead means you get more for a fraction of the cost.

Website Project Cost Estimate Instructions

Select a package based on your needs, view and add price for any optional features or pages, and then add the monthly care package for security and maintenance. Here’s a quick summary guide for selecting the package that is right for you.

  • Bronze: I want a Static Site which is launch and forget it and will rarely if ever change.
  • Silver: I want a Content Management System where I can add, edit, or delete content.
  • Gold: I want an Online Store where I can add, edit, or delete products to sell online.

Package Price and Features

Package Bronze Silver Gold
Type Static CMS Store
Base Price $1200 $2500 $4900
WooCommerce Online Store NA NA
WordPress Based CMS System NA
Backend Admin to Edit Website NA
Backend Integrated Help Files NA
Optional Blog Added No Charge NA
Base Package Number of Pages 5 8 10
Per Page Price Additional Pages $100 $200 $300
Monthly Security and Care Plan NA $30/mo $50/mo
Minor Edits Optional Care Plan $100/yr NA NA
All Static HTML Website Pages NA NA

Besides a Design You Need a Domain and Hosting

The price DOES NOT include a www domain registration or a monthly hosting package if this is your first time to get a website online. Beware: Some designers include those in your price, and then put the domain and hosting in their name.

Later if you decide to go with another company, the original design firm may not cooperate unless you pay big bucks because “your” www domain is in their name!

We can help you get a great price if you need a new domain and hosting, plus we make sure it is in your name.

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