Webmaster Academy for SEO Best Practices

google webmasters advice graphic Google is the top authority on search engine optimization strategy and recently opened their free Webmaster Academy for SEO best practices.

Unlike our “Top Secret” graphic illustration here, Google openly shares advice for webmasters to improve their position in search results.

In brief, ranking well with Google means providing a positive user experience for your website visitors.

Follow this link to the Google Webmaster Academy introduction and their excellent (free) course on how to create and optimize your site for best results.

The course consists of the following 3 modules.

  • Module 1: Make a great site
  • Module 2: Learn how Google understands your site
  • Module 3: Communicate with Google

Each module takes about an hour to complete, so you can be done in half a day.

You may want go back over each several times to fully absorb the content, and then return as necessary for a refresher in the future.

Our advice for online success in a phrase is Go Mobile, Add Content, and Get Social.

The Google Webmaster Academy course reinforces our philosophy and can help teach you SEO best practice basics to meet your goals.