Hacker Surge of 2016

A dramatic change has taken place in the world of web design following the vicious and relentless hacker surge of 2016. Our graphic illustrates the worldwide web connections and security vulnerability points involving hardware and software. Besides a design, web developers must advise small business clients about security awareness, strategy, and action plans. No site … Read more

Turning a Photo into a Portrait

Besides 20 years in web design, other experience includes graphic art expertise like turning an ordinary photo into a portrait. The before and after views in this photo collage include (top and bottom left) original photographs, and then edits for more professional portraits (top and bottom right). The photographs of the dog shown were excellent … Read more

New Project Portfolio Update

Several examples of custom mobile web design, or RWD Responsive Web Design, were added in a March 2015 new project portfolio update. In addition, links to view live websites were added to each graphic to enhance the experience of site visitors using mobile or touch devices. The new examples of custom mobile web design include … Read more

Challenge for SEO Experts

The first challenge for seo experts is showing where their website appears in Google search results for a key search that describes their business. Before promising top Google search results to you, a reliable web development source should have proof of search ranking success for their company. Google will be the first to tell you … Read more

2015 Mobile Web Design Predictions

Our 2015 mobile web design predictions are on target and validate our key phrase for achieving online success: Go Mobile, Add Content, Get Social. Two years ago we predicted that sales of desktop computers would be surpassed by mobile devices by 2015. That happened in 2014. Already more than 50% of your customers and prospects … Read more

Custom Mobile RWD Website Launched

Recently a custom mobile or RWD project website was launched for the MrShadeProâ„¢ brand with related products from Roll Screen Solutions, LLC. We refer to our custom websites as custom mobile web design because that phrase uses more common terms. Mobile may also be referred to as RWD, or Responsive Web Design, meaning it is … Read more

Custom Mobile Design Portfolio

View information and links to live RWD Responsive Web Design project sites we created on the custom mobile design portfolio page. The photo collage above shows a variety of the custom mobile theme designs for projects we designed and launched. Our clients are small business owners, and the portfolio page includes a brief profile of … Read more