Testing My Website is Down

website out of order graphic With 15 years experience, and rare reports of “my website is down” from clients, the fact a site does not display is usually a local issue.

If your site is online but slow to load pages, it’s more likely an issue from the hosting service provider. Otherwise, this tutorial may help.

The best way to confirm your site is actually online is trying a free proxy server to access your website.

Unlike years ago, hosting service reliability is nearly flawless, so owners can check that a website does appear properly by going through the proxy.

If the proxy server can display your site, that fact confirms it is a local problem.

Visit the free proxy server at NinjaCloak.com and in the search box near the bottom of the page type in your www domain to “test”.

If you cannot see your website through proxy, call your service provider or work with the web design team to get the site back online.

On rare occassions a client has explored web design code outside their expertise and caused their site to fail.

If that’s the case, be up front and confess when reporting your site down.