Meeting Website Performance Expectations

exceeding expectations grtaphic One challenge with new custom mobile web design projects is setting realistic goals for meeting website performance expectations.

From experience we know that business owners are often approached by web developers who promise better results than they can deliver.

That creates a mindset of unrealistic expectations. One problem is a new site lacks age, credibility, and authority. Those take time.

Those people who promise rankings on Google page one will likely use deceptive methods for key phrases, or long or unrelated phrases.

Searching your business name and being found on Google page one is almost a given, yet useless if your business is not well known.

In truth, being listed on page one is reserved for websites that create quality content for a positive user experience without trickery.

Meeting website performance expectations means getting established in order to meet realistic goals for what you do, not who you are.

If a site launches and no new content is added, owners of that new website may have to wait 6 months to a year to get ranked.

As stated before, our secret to online success in a phrase is still go mobile, add content, and get social.

Sounds easy. It’s actually hard work.

For small business owners busy running their business, getting the maximum benefit from the least amount of effort is key.

Let us help. Tell us about your business, and we can tailor a plan for meeting website performance expectations.