Custom Mobile RWD Website Launched

Recently a custom mobile or RWD project website was launched for the MrShadePro™ brand with related products from Roll Screen Solutions, LLC.

marked up mobile rwd design home page

We refer to our custom websites as custom mobile web design because that phrase uses more common terms. Mobile may also be referred to as RWD, or Responsive Web Design, meaning it is a design that adapts the presentation of page content to a variety of mobile device screen sizes.

The website for Roll Screen Solutions is a custom mobile or rwd responsive web design in 2 columns with widgets and a right sidebar plus matching blog.

As marked up in the screenshot above, visit each of the product pages (circled in red) to view an enhanced animated carousel of their company product photos.

Can’t wait to look? See the animated roll screens gallery here.

The rotating gallery utilizes advanced HTML5 techniques for an amazing must-see effect. The responsive display is leading edge at the time of publication, yet should display as animated on desktop monitors or any mobile device larger than a smartphone.

However, on small mobile devices the HTML5 gallery adapts gracefully to a group of static photos for a favorable user experience.

Roll Screen Solutions, LLC, provide shade related products and automation integration serving Central Florida, and ships kits to all 50 states in the USA.

Visit the website for shade integrated solutions to learn more.