Top 10 Out of 181 Million Results

It’s not easy achieving Google Top 10 out of 181 million results for a key phrase that describes the essence of your business.

Our mobile or rwd web design competition includes corporations that pay thousands trying to get on Google page one. Some have 100+ designers on staff.

Our agency is one person, at home, on Google page one for custom mobile web design at #2 and #6 out of 181 million results.

Here is a screenshot of a Google search done 5 Feb 2014 listing just the top 6 (see 1-6 in red) to reduce the size of the graphic.

google top 10 search results graphic
Google Top 10 Search Results Graphic

The letters marked A through E in red describe the graphic as follows:

A – The search input “custom mobile web design” in the Google search box
B – Number of search results retrieved showing 181 million in 0.29 seconds
C – “Ads related to…” were 3 paid ads removed to keep the graphic small
D – #2 in natural search results (unpaid) is the home page of our website
E – #6 in natural results (unpaid) is the Facebook page for our business

When viewing any Google search results it is human nature to skip the paid ads unless they include a known brand.

Most people understand those listings were paid, and not natural ranking based on the merit of providing a quality visitor experience.

Tip: There are so-called seo or search engine optimization experts who will promise you page one ranking on ALL search engines including Google.

Only trust the experts who can prove that their site is page one for their key phrase.

More than 90% of self-proclaimed experts cannot provide evidence to prove they achieved Google page one for themselves yet promise that to you.

Any doubt? Email us for a no obligation review of the company you are considering. Top 10? It’s not easy.