PayPal Email Phishing Scam

Watch out for any email notice like the PayPal email phishing scam in this graphic and check out the red arrow that points out one very important clue.

paypal email phishing scam graphic

The greeting reads “Dear customer”, and text shown in our red handwriting explains why you should be suspicious: “PayPal will ALWAYS send email that has your first name and last name”.

The warning reports a new email address was added to your PayPal account with a hyperlink to “click to open a dispute”, and THAT got our attention.

A reasonable person would know they did not edit their PayPal account, and may be tempted to follow that link. That would be a mistake.

The email came from a spoofed UK email address. Mousing over the hyperlink, it leads to an insecure .ru website address which is a domain extension for Russia.

Following the link would likely lead to a fake login where your PayPal credentials would be hijacked to be used maliciously or resold.

Be safe. Read any “alarming” email message with an eye towards caution.

For PayPal, they recommend you forward the message without changes to