2015 Mobile Web Design Predictions

Our 2015 mobile web design predictions are on target and validate our key phrase for achieving online success: Go Mobile, Add Content, Get Social.

Two years ago we predicted that sales of desktop computers would be surpassed by mobile devices by 2015. That happened in 2014.

Already more than 50% of your customers and prospects visit your website on a mobile device. It will approach 90% by 2017.

Last month was our 10th anniversary of being full time in web design. This week is our 2 year anniversary for offering custom mobile web design services.

Can we prove our advice worked for us? Check this graphic.

nov 2014 google search graphic

This graphic illustrates a Google search on 30 Nov 2014 for our key phrase: custom mobile web design.

It shows 104 million results, and this website was #1 after paid ads. In addition, results show us at #7 for our Facebook page.

Go Mobile: Google rewards sites that provide a positive visitor experience.

Add Content: Google rewards sites that update with original quality content.

Get Social: Google rewards sites that interact with a social media presence.

Having our Facebook page on Google page one is compelling evidence that our advice for being social is important.

Some designers promise to get their clients on Google page one. We do not. Never have. Never will.

However, if you encounter a design firm that promises page one, be careful. Ask for evidence they did it for their site.

If a person cannot prove page one success for their business website why trust them to design yours?

Now is the time to go mobile. Trust us to help.

Keep in mind you still need a plan and budget to add original quality content and get social.

Contact us today for a free custom mobile web design evaluation.