Challenge for SEO Experts

challenge for seo experts graphic The first challenge for seo experts is showing where their website appears in Google search results for a key search that describes their business.

Before promising top Google search results to you, a reliable web development source should have proof of search ranking success for their company.

Google will be the first to tell you that self-proclaimed search engine optimization or seo experts often promise more than they can deliver.

Ask Tough SEO Questions

Be specific. Ask for a key search phrase that describes what they do.

A unique or specific company name is easier to get on Google page one.

The real test is how anyone ranks versus competition for what they DO! That means you… or any expert you consider hiring.

Before saying ‘yes’ to an expert, see where they show up in Google search results for their key phrase.

Request More Evidence

For your next question to challenge seo experts, you should request more evidence of success for their clients.

Ask them to provide one client’s key search phrase, www domain, and where that website appears in Google search.

If ever promised Google page one, insist on hard evidence the company did it for their website and for customers.

SEO Promises Promises

You will not find any seo promises promises on this website.

However, we ARE on Google page one for our key phrase. Clients have made page one for their key phrase, also.

Does that mean EVERY client? NO. Do we ever promise Google page one? NEVER.

Each business is unique. A realtor will face fierce competition compared to a chainsaw wood sculpture artist.

Your business model, number of competitors, and unique sales position are all factors in how you rank.

SEO Secret in a Phrase

As stated elsewhere on our site, the seo secret to success in a phrase is still Go Mobile, Add Content, Get Social.

1. You need a “mobile” site that is one design that displays well on desktops and on mobile devices.

2. You need to add original quality content to your site. Launch and forget it is unlikely to make #1.

3. You need to get social, even if just starting a business page on Facebook for customer interaction.

These 3 key ingredients to seo success have one thing in common. Each provides a positive user experience.

Google rewards websites with traffic if they invest in high quality content and continuous improvement.

Beware those seo experts who promise Google page one.

Trust those who can answer this challenge for seo experts.