Turning a Photo into a Portrait

Besides 20 years in web design, other experience includes graphic art expertise like turning an ordinary photo into a portrait.

before-after dog portrait photo collage
Before-After Dog Portrait Photo Collage

The before and after views in this photo collage include (top and bottom left) original photographs, and then edits for more professional portraits (top and bottom right).

The photographs of the dog shown were excellent as submitted by a dog rescue organization to illustrate an adoption listing.

However, both have a person’s hand reaching into view. One has a leash around the dog and extended to the left.

The goal is to eliminate elements in the photo that detract from keeping the focus on the dog ready for adoption.

Brief How-to Tutorial

The digital trick in all cases was using vector art software to create masks that actually cover parts to delete.

Next, the masks were used for clipping appropriate matching content to place over the originals to hide unwanted parts.

These pix were for Lifeline Dog Rescue in Central Florida. View results on the dog adoption listing for Zion.

Some web designers are just that, and some graphic artists dabble in web design. We happen to be experts in both.

Have a nice photograph that could use an edit to enhance the look? Maybe we can help.