Embed Responsive YouTube Videos

This WordPress video plugin tutorial explores a solution to embed responsive YouTube videos that adapt and resize properly on mobile devices.

Here’s a responsive video example that took less than 60 seconds from plugin download to published post.

[responsive_youtube Q0nDQOrBx4A]

A positive user experience requires that site visitors see videos displayed the width of their screen whether held as portrait or landscape.

The WordPress platform as a content management system, or cms, provides free plugin tools that streamline web development time.

Choosing a Video Embed Plugin

I viewed many free WordPress plugins to embed video, yet not all remain compatible as the WordPress core files are revised and released.

Many in “embed video” search results were rated 5 stars, yet a nag message reported “Untested with your version of WordPress” (v4.1).

Through trial and error I discovered that some of those top rated plugins had complicated instructions, or simply failed.

Lesson learned. I scrolled down to find a compatible plugin. After testing several, my choice is the Responsive Video Light WordPress plugin.

Responsive Video Light Tutorial

The Responsive Video Light plugin is fast, plus easy to understand and implement.

Follow these simple steps to quickly embed responsive YouTube videos:

  1. From WordPress admin under Plugins, select “new”
  2. In the search box type “Responsive Video Light”
  3. Select it, and yes to download then activate
  4. Look in settings for the *short code to insert
  5. Open and edit your post or page for the video
  6. Insert the video short code to place the video
  7. Publish then view your responsive YouTube video

*Note: The shortcode for the example here was “responsive_youtube Q0nDQOrBx4A” except replace the quote marks with square bracket symbols.

If you didn’t already, test the video inserted above on your mobile device. It should adapt gracefully in portrait or landscape view.

Good luck with this tutorial to easily embed responsive YouTube videos in less than 60 seconds!