Touch Friendly Mobile Design Links

this side up arrow graphic Mobile device navigation requires an interface to ensure a positive user experience including touch friendly mobile design links.

Website visitors will become very annoyed if text or graphic links are too small for touch navigation, and will likely leave.

A standard feature included in our custom mobile web designs is a graphic link for “scroll to page top” placed in the footer section of each page.

View the standard UP arrow link at the bottom of any page on this site for an example.

Our mobile web designs display well on desktop or mobile devices, and the arrows do resize when displayed on smaller screens. That means the arrow graphic link still needs to be large enough for large fingers to touch navigate.

Selecting the arrow causes the page to scroll at a medium speed to the very top of the page where site navigation is placed for usability. For mobile devices the scroll to top option helps avoid the potential to flick links by mistake and end up on another page on your way back to the top.

Not all methods of custom mobile web design are equal. Navigation with touch friendly links is a subtle yet critical consideration. Our advice is viewing and testing sites created by the designer you are considering to see how they change on mobile devices.

Don’t have a smart phone or tablet? Visit the Mobile Design Simulator Tool page on our site for an explanation and link to demo mobile simulated views of any site.