Business Card Design with QR Code

cmwd business card with qr code Here’s our custom business card design with QR code for that you may scan for fast access to our website.

The business card illustration is low resolution and smaller than actual size, yet still worked perfectly scanning from an android smartphone. You may click for an enlarged card version bigger than actual size, too.

Try it now!

The QR code takes you to our home page which may not make sense for now if you’re viewing this blog post on a desktop monitor, yet if you have a smartphone or tablet handy you could try it out now.

As you do, consider the importance of having a mobile ready website like ours, and then adding a custom QR code to your print advertising, stationery and marketing materials. Generating your custom QR code is easy. Use this free online tool for creating a QR code and forward to your art department or printing company.

Consider the tag line at the bottom of our card: “Don’t like to type? Scan this code to visit our website now!”

Prepare for the future. Adding a QR code to printed materials shows sophistication and will make it easier for prospects to visit your website. QR codes may be used for more than www domain addresses. Use a QR code for SMS, phone number, message, or email, too.

Important! Please let us know if you ever decide to get a tattoo of our QR code! We’d love to know!