WordPress Dominates CMS Platforms

Trends in web development choices for a Content Management System indicate WordPress dominates all CMS platforms.

2016 cms platform trends top 5
2016 CMS Platform Trends Top 5

Source Credit: w3techs.com CMS Trend Report

Our 2016 graphic extracted from w3techs.com shows that non-CMS continues to drop as users choose CMS to manage content.

A CMS, or Content Management System, allows website owners to easily add, edit, or delete content without advanced skills.

Our top 5 graphic leaves out the minor 10.7%, yet at 26.3% of CMS platform installs, WordPress is 59% of all CMS choices.

In 2016 WordPress represents 1 in 4 of all websites, 6 out of 10 CMS sites, and nearly 10x the installs of #2 CMS Joomla.

Why CMS and Why WordPress

Owners of a new or exisiting site may wonder “Why CMS and why WordPress?” when evaluating a new platform for their website.

A CMS makes sense instead of paying each time your site requires an edit. The evidence above supports choosing WordPress.

This website was created using WordPress. With countless WordPress launches, a potential downside fact has become obvious.

Fact: Do not choose WordPress and then “launch and forget it” because its popularity makes it a prime target for hackers!

Just like your vehicle needs regular maintenance, you need to be active in the admin backend to maintain security updates.

Keeping WordPress Secure

Besides a strong admin password, keeping WordPress secure means logging on at least monthly to run newly released updates.

Nearly any website can be hacked if the value exceeds the time and cost to find a way in. Hackers prefer easier targets.

A launch and forget strategy because you don’t make changes often leaves you at risk to fall behind in security updates,

In 2016 it took 50 hours to recover a hacked website due to a weak password and failure to update. Updates take 5 minutes.