Custom Mobile RWD Website Launched

Recently a custom mobile or RWD project website was launched for the MrShadePro™ brand with related products from Roll Screen Solutions, LLC. We refer to our custom websites as custom mobile web design because that phrase uses more common terms. Mobile may also be referred to as RWD, or Responsive Web Design, meaning it is … Read more

PayPal Email Phishing Scam

Watch out for any email notice like the PayPal email phishing scam in this graphic and check out the red arrow that points out one very important clue. The greeting reads “Dear customer”, and text shown in our red handwriting explains why you should be suspicious: “PayPal will ALWAYS send email that has your first … Read more

New 2013 WWW Name Options

Is the world running out of www domain names? The best common website domain name extensions ending in .com, .info, .net, or .org are probably taken. New 2013 www name options opened up in September will help site owners concerned with the dwindling supply of relevant www names.


ICANN, or the Internet Corporation For Assigned Names and Numbers, is the worldwide non-profit authority responsible for coordinating assignment of www domain names. Since the original group released in 1984, new extensions have been created for generic as well as country or industry specific entities.

The new gTLD (generic Top Level Domain) extension options announced by ICANN earlier this year are scheduled to begin release in September 2013. These include commercial domain name extensions listed here alphabetically and ending in:

ads • agency • associates • booking • business • career • careers • center • ceo • company • corp • ecom • enterprises • farm • forum • gives • gle • global • gmbh • inc • institute • insure • lifeinsurance • llc • llp • ltd • ltda • management • marketing • new • news • ngo • partners • press • sarl • services • solutions • srl • studio • trade • trading • ventures • wiki • xin

Our advice is beginning your strategy now to acquire certain domain name extensions like .corp, .inc, .llc, or .ltd that are related and match your corporation or trademark brand. Get in line now to avoid problems later.

For example, in the USA business owners may incorporate by state, so it is not uncommon for multiple companies to have the exact same corporate name. Don’t put off your strategy if you want to register [your company name].inc or .corp as soon as it becomes available.

GoDaddy Support of Registration Phases

Our advice for business owners looking for an approved registrar to register a new gTLD on their behalf is ordering through GoDaddy. They have created a watch list option for gTLD release dates, so you can get notification alerts during the rollout period. Here’s a summary of the registration phases:

Each registration phase has a defined date for acceptance and processing.

Pre-registration lets you submit a registration request ahead of its date. GoDaddy collect pre-registration requests and holds them in a queue until it’s time to submit (at the opening of Sunrise, for example).

Sunrise is a registration period specifically for trademark holders.

Landrush occurs after sunrise. It’s a premium registration opportunity for those wanting an early, non-trademark registration.

General Availability is first come, first served registration. It’s open to the public but subject to registration requirements (like membership to an organization, for example).

Source: GoDaddy gTLD Extensions Page

Be sure to explore the left navigation options on the GoDaddy link above to browse more of the 100’s of new gTLD extensions by category.

If you’re a business owner, yes… you should care. The new gTLD extensions provide a unique way to promote your brand. The time to ac

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Custom Mobile Design Portfolio

View information and links to live RWD Responsive Web Design project sites we created on the custom mobile design portfolio page. The photo collage above shows a variety of the custom mobile theme designs for projects we designed and launched. Our clients are small business owners, and the portfolio page includes a brief profile of … Read more

Mobile Friendly Website Redesign

A custom mobile RWD Responsive Web Design launched yesterday for Affordable Water Treatment, Inc. in Orlando, Florida. The mobile friendly website redesign replaces a static site done for them in 2005. Besides their custom mobile website, Affordable now has a Facebook page and Twitter account to reach out to customers, plus a new blog to … Read more

Java Vulnerability Risk 2013 Tutorial

Avoid a serious computer security risk reported in US Government breaking news with this Java vulnerability risk 2013 tutorial. You likely have Java running on your computer. Visiting the wrong website could put you at risk. The US Department of Homeland Security issued this warning on 10 Jan 2013, and then already updated details yesterday … Read more

Top Authority for Best Practices

Web design is about providing a positive user experience, and a top authority for best practices advice happens to be Google. Our custom web design techniques have developed and evolved over more than 15 years. It is important to keep up with the times. Our choice is to develop RWD Responsive Web Designs with custom … Read more

Mobile Friendly Website for Alliance Restoration

A mobile friendly website for Alliance Restoration of New England launched late in December, and initial content is complete. Follow this link to view their insured property restoration services site. The design allows easily adding new pages in the future. More content is pending. Alliance Restoration Corp. offers insurance companies residential and commercial insured property … Read more

Atlanta Recruiter Site Launch

Our client Fidelis Search LLC is happy with their recent Atlanta recruiter site launch featuring a mobile friendly design makeover. Their first impression and response was “The site looks great!” Fidelis specializes in the finance industry and recruits for major corporations in the greater Atlanta area, and provides job seeker services for financial and accounting … Read more

Mobile Web Design Testing Sandbox

The latest addition to our website is a mobile web design testing sandbox to allow clients to review advanced features. The mobile web design testing sandbox page is open for public viewing, and lists additions of private hidden content available for clients to review and approve. Individual sandbox feature test projects are on password secure … Read more