Hyperlinked Website Phone Numbers

old fashioned telephone plus text This tutorial for hyperlinked website phone numbers provides the code for mobile device visitors to call you from your website.

Site owners who do not have a mobile friendly web design should still consider this important advice that saves mobile users the hassle of writing down your number or flipping between screens just to call you.

As stated before on this website, mobile device sales for surfing the net are predicted to pass desktop sales by 2015, so even if you don’t have a mobile ready website now half your visitors in the near future will want an easy way to call you.

It’s not difficult to create a phone number link that mobile device users can tap to instantly connect with you (and… easily add you to their mobile address book).

Every place your phone number appears, all you or your website guru needs to do is insert this chunk of code to replace the phone number.

<a href="tel:1234567890">123-456-7890</a>

The sample code uses a dummy phone number 123-456-7890 in two places that you need to replace with your number. The first instance without dashes between the numbers is the link inside the code not seen by visitors. The second is your phone number with dashes as it will display to your visitors on the web page.

If your site design uses colored or underlined text to indicate “links”, that phone number will appear in the same format currently used for other links.

What about options? Clients have asked if this can be used where they have multiple phone numbers on one page. Yes! Just replace each instance using the example above.

Others have asked about toll free prefix or international phone numbers. Again, use the code example above and you may add a prefix to create longer numbers including country codes.

Our custom mobile web designs include hyperlinked website phone numbers as standard practice, and now with this tutorial you can, too!